Kids and Stuff Merchandise has a bunch of experience to create your cutest Soft Toys and branded Merchandise.

This cute Retail Soft Toys package just came alive.

Always quality

  • Family Plush toys boost sales: different size 30 cm – 20 cm – keychain
  • Super soft fabrics
  • Embroidering eyes and facial features
  • Digital printing of artwork and logo’s
  • 100% exact translations started from 2D artwork into 3D plush toys
  • Logo: we can use different techniques to get the right feeling
  • Woven cotton Label
  • Tag – Price tags
  • PE packing
  • CE certified
  • DDP delivery to the customers doorsteps


A plush toy package will boost sales if you add different size from the same character.

Including additional merchandise like towels, socks will bring you a strong brand.

Always Service

You have your own project in the running?

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