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Engage learning with custom plush toys

The Integral Role of Plush Toys in Child Development Plush toys hold a special place in the vibrant world of children’s toys, not just for their soft, cuddly nature but for their significant role in nurturing a child’s development. Kids and Stuff Merchandise Ltd., a custom plush toy industry leader, is dedicated to creating toys that are more than just playthings; they are tools for learning and emotional support. Emotional Comfort and Security For many children, plush toys are their first friends. They provide…

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Chinese New Year: Dragon

Celebrating Chinese New Year: Embracing the Year of the Dragon As we approach Chinese New Year, also known as the Spring Festival, it’s a time for cultural celebration, reflection, and renewal. In 2024, we usher in the Year of the Dragon, a symbol of power, strength, and good fortune in Chinese culture.  The Dragon, revered in Chinese tradition, is believed to bring significant change and transformation. It embodies ambition, courage, and enthusiasm, traits we at Kids&Stuff Merchandise aspire to reflect in our business practices.…

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Christmas, a time of giving and gratitude, 

Christmas, a time of giving and gratitude. As the festive season approaches, businesses have a unique opportunity to strengthen relationships and boost brand visibility. Christmas, a time of giving and gratitude, is ideal for companies to express appreciation to their employees and clients. In this context, promotional items such as 3D keychains, custom plush toys, and branded socks emerge as powerful tools. 3D Keychains: A Token of Appreciation Custom 3D keychains stand out as a practical and memorable gift. For employees, these keychains can…

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Planning Perfection

Planning Perfection: How Timely Execution Elevates Custom Promotional Campaigns Introduction Planning is not just necessary in the dynamic business world; it’s a strategic advantage, especially regarding marketing activities like promotional merchandise. As a company specializing in custom plush toys, we understand the intricacies of turning a concept into a tangible, impactful product. Why Planning Matters The journey from an initial idea to a finished promotional item is intricate. It involves several stages: design, prototyping, production, and distribution. This process is even more nuanced for…

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Black Friday Revenue Boosters

Read also: Merchandise From Cuddly Companions to Revenue Boosters: Plush Toys on Black Friday Black Friday, the day for online shopping, has become synonymous with incredible deals and discounts that lure consumers from all walks of life. This shopping holiday provides a remarkable opportunity for businesses to boost their revenue and attract a larger audience. One effective strategy to achieve this is strategically using merchandise, exceptionally plush toys. Plush toys, often adored by children, are an excellent choice for enhancing your Black Friday campaign.…

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World Food Day: Inspiring Kids to Make Healthy Choices with Plush Toys

Read also: Plush Toys Factory World Food Day: Inspiring Kids to Make Healthy Choices with Plush Toys World Food Day is an important global event celebrated every year on October 16th. It serves as a reminder of the significance of food and raises awareness about the persistent issue of global hunger. At its core, World Food Day is about access to nutritious food for everyone, irrespective of where they live. While this observance primarily focuses on addressing global food security, it also presents a…

Grown your Brand with Kids and Stuff Merchandise


GROW YOUR BRAND WITH KIDS&STUFF MERCHANDISE AND PLUSH TOYS FACTORY Building a successful brand is challenging, especially in today’s saturated market. One effective strategy is to create merchandise that resonates with your target audience. This is where we at Kids&Stuff Merchandise and Plush Toys Factory come into play. We specialise in developing unique, eye-catching merchandise that represents your brand and appeals to your clientele. From custom plush toys to brand-specific mascots, we offer various services to help you grow your brand. Custom Plush Toys…

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Key information to get an accurate estimate for your plush toys.

Plush toys are a fun and engaging way to add a touch of personality to your projects. Whether you’re creating a custom line of stuffed animals for your business or simply looking to bring your character designs to life, getting an accurate estimate for plush toy production is the first step to success. In this blog post, we’ll go over the key information you need to provide to get an accurate estimate for plush toys, including artwork, size, quantity, materials, and project date.

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2023 new visions

Kids& Stuff Plush toys factory Bulgaria New year. New goals. Kids and Stuff Merchandise continues to offer its service to achieve its customers’ goals in 2023. We are your first choice if it comes to a custom-made plush toy factory. We are a long experienced and quality plush toys manufacturer. Since 2000 we produce top quality OEM plush toys and branded merchandise. In plush toys any size, any character is possible.  From baby brand development to sound plush toys and quiet books: we can…

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We go Green

We go Green – We care Sustainable Productions Plush Toys and Merchandise We go green!Our Green Green Impact Your plush toys could be made of rPet (100% recycled) PET bottles. Even Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 is possible. All toys comes with very Soft handfeeling, soft colors (harmless coloring).  Our aim is to develop great touchable plush toys for baby’s to teens. How to start your own plush toy? We offer a full service from design, production, Iso Quality Management, CE and/or Oeko-Tex® certificate to import…