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Christmas, a time of giving and gratitude, 

Christmas, a time of giving and gratitude. As the festive season approaches, businesses have a unique opportunity to strengthen relationships and boost brand visibility. Christmas, a time of giving and gratitude, is ideal for companies to express appreciation to their employees and clients. In this context, promotional items such as 3D keychains, custom plush toys, and branded socks emerge as powerful tools. 3D Keychains: A Token of Appreciation Custom 3D keychains stand out as a practical and memorable gift. For employees, these keychains can…

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Fox Walking Mascot Costume

Embark on an immersive journey into the world of imaginative characters with the Fox Walking Mascot Costume by Kids&Stuff Merchandise, Bulgaria. Elevate your events, create lasting memories, and captivate audiences with this meticulously crafted masterpiece.

Lion Retail Plush Toys Package

Kids and Stuff Merchandise has a bunch of experience to create your cutest Soft Toys and branded Merchandise. This cute Retail Soft Toys package just came alive. Always quality Family Plush toys boost sales: different size 30 cm – 20 cm – keychain Super soft fabrics Embroidering eyes and facial features Digital printing of artwork and logo’s 100% exact translations started from 2D artwork into 3D plush toys Logo: we can use different techniques to get the right feeling Woven cotton Label Tag –…

KidsandStuff Custom Plush toys and Retail Merchandise

Kids and Stuff Merchandise Ltd.

Kids and Stuff is happy to welcome you in her Soft Toys and Merchandise world. With our Headquarters located in Sofia, we can serve all European Countries at a glance. Our production Facilities are located mostly in China and Europe. In House Design and Sampling facilities could offer you samples for Soft Toys in only 3-5 days. We have a long history in manufacturing high quality plush toys and additionally Retails Merchandise for Kids and Adults. We offer high quality Mascot Costumes if you…