Kids and Stuff Merchandise

We're seeing a bright 2021 for our partnership

We are ready

We are good in creating ideas, design,  prototyping, large scale productions in Far East or Europe and follow-up from the first row.

Because we care to promote the brand of our customers.

With the right idea and impressive branded merchandise you boost your sales.

Our own plush toys factory combined with a selected range of premium suppliers will guarantee to reduce your global campaign cost on top.

You want to brighten up your campaign and strength your customer relation?  

You will be in the right place!

We ensure 100% compliance and safe products.  We work with the best certifying bodies and labs.

Strong brand and awareness?

Our large scale productions build long lasting impressions.  

Always delivered just in time to your doorsteps.  Also in 2021!
We love to wish you Season’s Greetings for you and your loved ones!
Your Kids & Stuff Partner

We create your stuff

Kids and Stuff Plush toys factory Europe

Our Plush Toys Factory has several audits (Sedex, BSCI, Social Audits).


We work with the best certifying body’s and labs such as SGS, Intertek


We ensure 100% quality trough on-site quality inspections driven by 100% European Staff.


Soft toys are produced carbon free, with standard, OEKTOETEX Standard 100 or rPet fabrics


20 years successfully creations in the market of quality plush toys and marketing and promotions products


Generating Awareness - Delivery On Time

Kids and Stuff Merchandise
Our large scale productions build long lasting impressions.

Global Merchandise

For all your Promotional Merchandise We are an added value for your quality branded products.

Merch Merch Merch

PVC Balls
PVC Keychains (3D)
Backpacks, Cotton Bags, Drawstrings bags
Textile printed with CYMK logos
Face Masks
Any Shirt, Tee or Cap with Full color Logo and prints
Mascot suits
Printed mugs

Kids and Stuff Plush Toys And Merchandise, Plush Fox sitting

The cutest fox plush toy

Unveil the enchanting world of our adorable fox plush toy collection at PlushToysFactory! Delve into a variety of sizes and characters that promise to steal your heart. These cuddly companions are the perfect addition to any collection or gift for all ages.

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Kids and Stuff Merchandise, walking mascot costume

Fox Walking Mascot Costume

Embark on an immersive journey into the world of imaginative characters with the Fox Walking Mascot Costume by Kids&Stuff Merchandise, Bulgaria. Elevate your events, create lasting memories, and captivate audiences with this meticulously crafted masterpiece.

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Kids and Stuff Merchandise, walking mascot costume

Walking Mascot Costume

When it comes to capturing attention and creating memorable experiences, a walking mascot costume can be a game-changer. Designed for high-intensity daily use, these costumes offer a unique opportunity to engage with your audience in a fun and impactful way. In this blog post, we will explore the key features that make a walking mascot costume ideal for promotional events, parades, sports games, and more.

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