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Embracing Tradition with a Personal Touch

As the calendar turns to March, we’re greeted with the promise of spring and the cherished tradition of Baba Marta Day in Bulgaria. At Kids&Stuff Merchandise, we’re excited to share in this time-honored celebration by offering a unique opportunity: the ability to create custom-made Martenitsa merchandise.

The Symbolism of Martenitsa

Baba Marta Day is steeped in tradition, with the exchange of Martenitsa being a focal point of the festivities. These small pieces of adornment, made of twined red and white threads, carry profound symbolism—red for life and vitality, white for purity and happiness. Worn throughout March, they are said to bring health and joy to those who wear them until spring’s first blooms or the sighting of a stork signifies the time to remove them.

A Custom Creation

We believe that while traditions unite us, individual expression makes us unique. That’s why we’re proud to introduce our custom Martenitsa creation service. Whether you’re looking to celebrate with your company, school, or community group or want to share a special gift with loved ones, our bespoke Martenitsa merchandise is the perfect way to do so.

How It Works

You might have an idea for your branded Martenitsa’s.  Please get in touch with us for plush toys, silicone wristbands, or PVC Keychains.  We also offer socks in the traditional white/red colors.

Don’t forget to share your custom Martenitsas with us on social media using the hashtag #MyMartenitsa. We love seeing how our customers celebrate and spread happiness with their personalized spring tokens!

Here’s to a bright and prosperous season ahead!

Kids and Stuff Merchandise, Plush Toys Factory, Happy Baba Marta

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