Since we use socks&towels daily, both are great products for Retail and Promotional branding.

Kids and Stuff Merchandise can produce your socks&towels with the seem feel, look and character design as your soft toys.

It seems to be easy to produce those, however quality needs a professional approach with each product. With our experience in soft toys making we have the advantage to have the right partners to produce your Socks&Towels as you expect.


Before preparing your inquiry or production of socks please follow those steps:

  • Decide Sock Design
  • Tag Design (package design)
  • Size Reference
  • Quantity for each design and size
  • Decide what yarn/material you want for your socks

Socks Yarns

6 Mostly used Materials/Yarns

  • Cotton: The most common fiber used in socks. A soft, natural fiber from cotton plant. It’s breathable and strong.
    Cotton types: Organic cotton, Mercerized cotton,Combed cotton, Modal cotton
  • Polyester: The most-used synthetic fiber. polyester is washable and resistant to wrinkles.
  • Nylon: Produces more elasticity, nylon is stronger yet weighs less.
  • Spandex: More durable, resistent to body oils, spandex can be stretched over 500% without breaking.
  • Wool: Wool is the original easy care fiberm, naturally has wrinkle resistance, it breathes with your body. Wool keep your feet dry and warm.
    Wool from Sheep, Goat, Aphca, Rabbit
  • Bamboo:Softer than cotton, feels like silk, very durable.

Common Compositions

  • 75% cotton + 22% polyster + 3%spandexMostly socks are made of
  • 80% cotton + 17% polyster + 3%spandex
  • 100% cotton socks are not made often, since that will make your socks wrinkle a lot. However, for those who have diabetics or skin allergies, they can only accept 100% natural socks made of either cotton or hemp. (we have anti bacterial socks as well.
  • Sports socks (to provide more tight support) usually are made of 100% nylon or 100% spandex.

Sizes, weight, type, Tag or wrap

  • It is important to tell us the sizes you need – each country has different sizes.
    Also send us the type you need :
  • Men/Women/Kids/Unisize
  • Dress Socks, Ankle Sock, Knee-High Socks, Crew Socks, No Show Socks, Men Socks, Women Socks
  • Tag or wrap
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